A celebrity cancels his presence in Dancing with the stars, his dancer finds himself alone: ​​”I am terribly disappointed”

Definitely, the departures, arrivals and cancellations in the show Dancing with the stars are a real soap opera this summer!

As a reminder, Denitsa Ikonomova, Christian Millette, Maxime Dereymez, Joël Luzolo and Coralie Licata announced that they were leaving the show while Katrina Patchett, who won with Matt Pokora during the first season, announced her return.

And that’s not all since Marie Denigot, dancer who participated in season 9 was happy to come back. But alas, she was dropped by the star who was to dance with her.

She posted an announcement on her Instagram account. “Everything was ready for me to come back to the show after a 2-season break, everything was in place with regard to my dance school and my competitions. I was delighted to meet you and return to the floor of the show that changed my life in 2016”

Before continuing: “Unfortunately the celebrity with whom I was to pair, who resides abroad, could not arrive in France following major family problems, a few days before the start of training. I am obviously terribly disappointed to have to postpone our reunion and not to be able to meet my partner, but health is the most important in these moments! The production was extremely kind to me following this last minute change, and I thank them very much for trusting me again this year and entrusting me with a world-famous star for this season. It’s only gone, and who knows, I might do a little stint on set during the season, so be careful “.

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