a cheaper 512 GB storage expansion card coming soon?

Xbox Series X and S storage space could soon be increased with a cheaper expansion card than the only option at the moment which is a 1TB Seagate card. Seagate is reportedly in the process of preparing a 512GB card.

Since the release of the Xbox Series X and S last year, gamers have only one option available to them if they want to expand the available storage space. The only way to install more games on your next-gen Microsoft console is to get a Seagate storage expansion card. Currently, only one model is offered. This is the map 1 To which offers the same performance as the SSD inside the console for 249,99 €.

Seagate 1TB Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X / S – Credit: Microsoft

A new, cheaper model of the Seagate storage expansion card is reportedly in the works for the Xbox Series X and S. It would offer 512 GB of additional storage space. According to the Micromania listing that was discovered, Seagate’s 512GB card would be sold at 154,99 €. Besides, Microsoft reportedly plans more powerful Xbox Series X and S as early as 2022.

A Seagate 512 GB expansion card for € 154.99 for Xbox Series X / S

Xbox Series X and S respectively host 1 To et 500 Go de SSD. Their storage space is therefore decent, but next-gen games are taking up more and more space like Microsoft Flight Simulator and its 150 GB required for installation. We also shared with you a tip to free up storage on your Xbox Series X and S if you are using an external hard drive.

The arrival of a new Seagate 512 GB expansion card would be a godsend for many gamers looking for a more affordable solution. Still, the difference between the two 512GB and 1TB models would be $ 100 if the leaked information is correct. The new card would therefore offer half the storage of the current one, but it would not be half the price.

On the side of Sony and PlayStation 5, the players have more freedom. Since M.2 SSD support in July, gamers can purchase any compatible internal SSD. Several models are available. Players can also save money by buying an M.2 SSD without an original heatsink, provided that this component is purchased separately.

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