A chef with 7 Michelin stars reopens a restaurant with menus for more than 850 dollars while asking for donations to pay his employees

The restaurant reopened with three tables available, one in each dining room of the premises.

The renowned American chef, Thomas Keller, has reopened since September 1, his restaurant The French Laundry located in Yountville (California, USA).

The famous establishment has been operating since the beginning of the month with three tables, one in each of the three dining rooms of the premises. The luxury of ‘exclusivity’ – related to the covid-19 pandemic and measures to prevent the spread of the disease – will be worth $ 850 per person, when usually the menu Tasting was around $ 350.

“We will host 3 tables inside the historic French Laundry building. Thomas Kellery and his team will prepare an extensive chef’s tasting menu for you and your guests,” the restaurant posted on its Instagram account.

Recently, the chef announced that reservations were opened for the next month of October and to do so you have to access the restaurant’s website, where you can also find an online request for donations to pay its workers.

“I invite you, if you can, to consider a tax deductible donation to Keller Restaurant Relief Fund to help your favorite waiter, the bartender who knows your mood, the chef who sends an extra dish, the doorman who is an integral part of everything we do, or the management and administration teams who work tirelessly, “reads the petition.

Keller currently holds seven Michelin stars: three with The French Laundry, three more for Per Se (the east coast version of his restaurant in Yountville), and one for the French bistro Bouchon.

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