A children’s novel version of the legends of Tarlà and the Butler of Sant Narcís de Girona

The author of ‘Sopa amb menta i picarols’, Anna Fité, in front of the balcony where the Tarlà de Girona usually hang

The children’s novelMint soup with picarols‘reviews the legends of the Tarlà i la Butler of Sant Narcís of Girona and combines them to create a new fictional narrative. It is a book that takes place during the plague pandemic in the city (mid-fourteenth century) and in which Tarlà became a minstrel who entertained the sick. On the other hand, in this book, written by Anna Fité, the Butler of St. Narcissus becomes with the unconditional love of the minstrel and also the healer who finds a recipe to help overcome the disease to all those affected. The story is told by the hand of Sisa, a girl who suffered the plague. ‘Mint soup with picarols’ arrives this Friday in Catalan bookstores.


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