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A Chilean story
A Chilean story

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Enlightening »Are the Nations of the World Equal in Development? Are they able to forge their path without outside interference? Why do the majority of countries in the South remain poorer and more unstable than their neighbors to the North? The time of the humble attempts to answer these questions. This fascinating river album retraces, through the daily life of a modest Chilean family, the 1000 days of the Allende government. From his election in 1970 until September 11, 1973, the date of Pinochet’s military coup dubbed by the United States. After a first graphic novel devoted to Chile between 1948 and 1970, the couple in the city Désirée and Alain Frappier continued their exploration of contemporary South American history. Remarkable. SJ

Désirée and Alain Frappier, The time of the humble, Chile 1970-1973, Ed

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