A chromatic installation by the artist Rosa Brun, at CaixaForum Girona

As of today, CaixaForum Girona incorporates a minimalist and chromatic installation by the artist Rosa Brun, in an exhibition framed within the Direct Access cycle, dedicated to bringing contemporary art closer to the public’s experience.

The installation Acrux-Vela-Hamal, 20 it is made up of three colored parallelepipeds that dialogue with space and propose an experience through plans and color overlays.

“Although it is an abstract work, the three names that appear in the title of the installation allude to two stars and a constellation, so that an imaginary line unites the three parallelepipeds, while it connects them with the walls of the room and even with our own body, making us participants in the work depending on where we decide to place ourselves ”, say from CaixaForum, which has planned several parallel activities. Around this sample, complying with current health safety protocols.


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