A cigarette butt or spark from a vehicle, possible causes of fire in Catalonia

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Barcelona, ​​Jul 25 (EFE) .- A badly extinguished cigarette butt or a spark generated by the engine of a vehicle or some type of machinery are investigated as the main causes of the fire in Santa Coloma de Queralt (Tarragona), which began yesterday in the afternoon on the shoulder of the C-241 road.

According to sources from the investigation, the Mossos d’Esquadra and the Rural Agents Corps, responsible for analyzing the causes of the fire, have already managed to locate the point where the fire started and reconstruct the first moments of spread of the fire, thanks to some videos and the testimony of several people.

Since it started on the shoulder of the road, the main hypothesis is that the fire was not intentional, but caused by some negligence or due to an accident.

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As the most probable causes of the fire, it is investigated whether the flames could have originated from a badly extinguished cigarette butt thrown on the road by the driver or the occupant of a vehicle.

Another possibility is that the fire was unleashed by accident, due to a spark fired from a vehicle’s engine or caused by a tire rubbing on the asphalt, the same sources have added.

In statements to the media from the command center, the General Director of Prevention, Fire Extinction and Rescue of the Generalitat, Joan Delort, has specified that Rural Agents continue to work on these hypotheses, without at the moment there being “any kind of conclusion “.

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“We know where it originated and how it evolved, but the exact reason we don’t know,” added Delort.

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