A class teacher assaulted a student inside a school in Hafar Al-Batin (video)

A teacher hits a student in Hafar Al-Batin


The General Administration of Education in Hafar Al-Batin decided to dismiss a teacher in a private school. For his involvement in brutally beating a student in front of his classmates.

And the administration stated in a statement, on Friday, that a committee of private education and student guidance had been formed in the administration; To investigate what was circulated on social media regarding a video clip under the title (a teacher hitting a student) in a private school in Hafr Al-Batin, the school administration took the necessary legal measures at the time.

The Department of Education confirmed the application of regulations and regulations related to such cases, according to what was stated in the procedures of the rules of conduct and perseverance, stressing its rejection of such practices that violate the education policy and its lofty message.

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