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“A closed league can be a solution for European football” / France / OL /


Even if Jean-Michel Aulas makes him one of his potential successors, Tony Parker is not yet president of Olympique Lyonnais. This does not prevent him from having a vision and taking a stand on subjects related to football.

In the exclusive interview he gives to this Friday, the former San Antonio Spurs player, used to the American model of NBA franchises, is ready to put all the subjects on the table. It does not, for example, completely close the door to a sea snake in European football, namely the closed league: “It is still very difficult to apply this in Europe. There are traditions that are strong. But it’s clear that it can be a solution for the future, if it’s everyone’s will ” .

If various formulas can be imagined, a closed league could consist, for example, in establishing one or more divisions with big European clubs and some guests, without risk of relegation. Suffice to say that this is an idea that would no doubt guarantee huge revenues for those concerned but which is far from being unanimous with the national leagues and clubs, and which would squarely threaten the UEFA Champions League. .

His love for football, his relationships with Jean-Michel Aulas and his future potential at the head of OL: Tony Parker answered all our questions in this interview published on this Friday morning.




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