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Commercial banks combine campaigns. Personal loans and credit cards Including promotion for quick loans, ultra-low interest, long installments, no guarantees for the poor in trouble It was made to wake up the market to be active after Covid-19, causing many households to reduce their income while the credit card market is already saturated at this time…

Including promotion for quick loans, ultra-low interest, long installments, no guarantees for the poor in trouble

Including promotion for quick loans, ultra-low interest, long installments, no guarantees for the poor in trouble

Reporters reported that Many commercial banks are now launching campaigns for personal loans (Pelone) and cash cards. with special promotions to motivate customers They offer exceptionally low interest rates, quick approvals and no guarantees, etc.

Siam Commercial Bank There are many types of personal loans to choose from.

  • There are various personal loan campaigns to choose from, with Your Loan available for existing customers to borrow without securities. or a guarantor Approval limit 5,000-2,000,000 baht, interest 10-25% per year, interest is charged at the beginning of the interest reduction. Pay in installments up to 60 monthly installments or 130 two-week installments. Pay back in monthly or biweekly installments. or tell how much you want to pay pay monthly Apply for a loan through the SCB Easy application, including Speedy Loan for workers who know the approval results within 24 hours and can pay installments of 2,200 baht per month per month, etc.

Krung Thai Bank comes with loans, approved in 5 minutes.

  • It has ten thousand loans. Approved in 5 minutes. Easy to apply. No contract documents required. And set up a ready-to-use limit via the Krungthai NEXT application, providing a maximum loan amount of 500,000 baht, an interest rate of 11-20% per year, depending on the borrower’s qualifications. Maximum loan term 60 months, installments starting at 10 baht/day or 500 baht per month, depending on the loan amount. and the number of months selected for installments

Kasikorn Bank Instant cash, apply via K PLUS app, get approval as fast as 15 minutes.

  • Have a quick payday loan, Xpress Loan, instant cash, apply through the K PLUS app, get approval as fast as 15 minutes, no guarantor needed. The lowest interest rate is 15% throughout the contract period.
  • Cash card comes with the campaign “Withdraw cash, free 0% interest” for up to 30 days via Xpress Cash card. Swipe-press-pay installment with one card until September 30, 2021.

UOB Bank offers personal loans “UOB i-Cash” with the lowest interest rate of 9.99% per annum.

  • Comes with a maximum limit of 5 times the salary, monthly installments of 2,900 baht per month and instant cash transactions via UOB Line Connect, starting at 10,000 baht, paying 289 baht per month, 17% interest per year if you choose to pay 48 months and have a promotion. Special discount code Shopee e-Coupon valued 300 baht when making transactions from 50,000 baht or more from 15 Aug.-15 Sep. 2021
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Land and Houses Bank, quick approval, no personal collateral or collateral required.

  • Happy Cash personal loan, interest rate starting from 8.88% per year, reducing the interest rate, giving a limit of 5 times the salary, up to 1.5 million baht, quick approval, no need for personal collateral or collateral. The maximum loan term is 60 months, etc.

TMB Thanachart Bank (ttb) ttb flash get a special interest of 4.99%

  • There is a promotion for new customers. When applying for a ttb flash cash card and getting approved From today-30 Sept., get special interest of 4.99% p.a. for up to 4 months.

Citibank 0% interest free

  • Have a cash card “Citi Ready Credit”, free 0% interest for the first 3 billing cycles, can apply online. Get a free Premium Trolley Bag, size 20 inches, valued at 5,890 baht

the part you want Credit limit up to 1,500,000 baht that does not require collateral. Those who are interested can see the details below.

Kiatnakin Phatra Bank with loans, quick approval, low interest, no need to guarantee, receive money immediately within 1 day

personal loan from Kiatnakin Phatra Bank Multipurpose Loan to bring out a sum of money for general expenses Loans that are designed to be easy to apply for without hassle not many documents ready to solve the problem of having to find a guarantor or collateral for a loan application with a maximum limit of 1,500,000 baht with interest rates, service charges and fees discounted interest rate In addition, you will receive money immediately within 1 day (after approval).

Steps to apply for Kiatnakin Phatra Loan

How to apply for a Kiatnakin lump sum loan, fast approval, low interest

First, go to the credit website. Kiatnakin or click on the picture above

How to apply for a Kiatnakin lump sum loan, fast approval, low interest

Fill in all the details as shown in the illustration provided that the information must be true. Then read the agreement carefully, then press OK.

How to apply for a Kiatnakin lump sum loan, fast approval, low interest

Once confirmed, you just wait for the contact back from the way. Kiatnakin Bank or if you do not receive a call back, please contact the Call Center 02 165 5555 (How many days will you know the result of the credit consideration within 3 business days from the complete documents and in accordance with the criteria set by the bank)

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How to apply for a Kiatnakin lump sum loan, fast approval, low interest

Those who are interested in traveling to apply by themselves can contact every day throughout the country. no matter where you are or any province, convenient to travel Because we have many service points for you to choose in Bangkok area. If you want to search for branches in other provinces We have branches in all regions of the city in many provinces to cover your services. Click to search for branches in the image above. or call 02 165 5555

interest rate

How to apply for a Kiatnakin lump sum loan, fast approval, low interest

*Conditions for calculating income are as specified by the bank.

Other expenses
Prepayment Fee 2% of the amount paid more than 2 times of the monthly installment (Only for customers who pay installments less than 2 years)

Application documents

  • Copy of ID card (2 sets)
  • 1 copy of house registration (first page with address and the page with the name of the loan applicant)
  • Copy of the first page of the savings account passbook or current*
  • original salary slip / latest income certificate, not more than 2 months
  • Copy of deposit account showing income for the past 6 months from present

* For transferring the loan into the account It must be the account of the loan applicant only, can’t use someone else’s account. or accounts that share names with others

Recommendations on how to apply for a loan that makes it easier for banks to approve loans

Installment history (credit bureau)

  • The bank will check our payment history with the company. National Credit Bureau (National Credit Bureau) If we have a history of other outstanding debts or have a history of debt repayments that are not scheduled. The chance of getting a loan is less. The best way is that we should pay off the debt on schedule every time. and should settle less other debts before applying for a loan


  • For the account statement, it is an important document that the bank will use to consider your financial status more easily. Because the bank will see if you have regular income or not. and also tell about the cash flow in the account Especially if a person does not have a regular salary, such as a merchant or a group of freelancers. You need to deposit money into the system. As for people with low salary, should not spend extravagantly, must keep their money. because the withdrawal of money until the account is exhausted It’s something that shouldn’t be. Banks almost immediately close their doors for lending.
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Debt to Income Ratio (DSR)

  • If you look at the payment history, it is important to the proportion of debt. because the bank will approve the credit and how much credit limit Depending on the debt-to-income ratio (Debt Service Ratio). total debt Including the debt burden for this home loan must not exceed 30% – 40% of your income. For example, if you have a salary of 20,000 baht/month and other installments of 5,000 baht, you will be able to have more monthly payments. [(20,000 x 40%) – 5,000] = 3,000 baht, which is too low a debt-to-income ratio The bank will not approve the loan. But if other debts are reduced, they may apply for a loan through

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Reference some information from Prachachat Business

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