a collision between a liner and a sailboat leaves one dead

A collision between a liner and a sailboat occurred early Friday afternoon on Lake Biel, off Gléresse (BE). One person was killed in the accident, police said Friday night.

Its formal identification has not yet taken place, specify the police, which opened an investigation under the direction of the Bernese Jura-Seeland Regional Public Prosecutor’s Office. The hypothesis of an accident is preferred.

The police were informed shortly before 2:05 p.m. that a collision between a liner from the BSG Société de Navigation Lac de Bienne and a sailboat occurred between Gléresse and Ile Saint-Pierre, resulting in the fall of a person. in the water, who was apparently alone on the sailboat. This person died shortly after.

According to current information, the cruise ship was coming from Saint-Pierre Island and heading towards Biel when, for undetermined reasons, it struck the sailboat.

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