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A committee in the “NBK” adopts its report on the subject of “mental health promotion”

The Health and Environmental Affairs Committee of the Federal National Council, during two meetings held remotely over two days, chaired by Naama Abdullah Al-Sharhan, Second Vice-President of the Council and Chairperson of the Committee, approved its report on the subject of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection’s policy in the matter of promoting mental health in the United Arab Emirates.

The meeting was attended by members of the committee: Nasser Muhammad Al-Yamahi, the committee’s reporter, Ahmed Hamad Boushehab, Somaya Abdullah Al-Suwaidi, Shatha Saeed Al-Naqbi, Azra Hassan bin Rakad, and Muhammad Ahmad Al-Yamahi.

In its two meetings, the committee completed the discussion of the report and approved it. The report included the notes of previous meetings with representatives of the concerned and competent authorities, and the field visits that the committee made to a number of state hospitals to see the services provided in the mental health departments.

The report also included recommendations related to themes related to the Ministry’s policy and strategic plans in developing policies and legislation in mental health, the Ministry’s role in promoting and expanding the scope of comprehensive and integrated mental health services, promoting prevention of mental disorders for members of society, and the Ministry’s role in cooperating with the concerned authorities to implement Mental health promotion policy and services provided.


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