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According to the IFOP** survey on the sex life of seniors, nearly three-quarters (72%) of people aged 50 to 79 say they are sexually active. A good thing for their well-being, of course.

And among them, two-thirds claim to be in a couple and 14% define themselves as sexually active singles.

« This photograph highlights that, despite popular belief, people over 50 continue to have a full sex life. It is essential to continue to sensitize them to the issue of sexual health and HIV.AIDS explains Sandrine Fournier, Director of the Research and Association Funding Division at Sidaction.

While a very large majority (89%) of 50-79 year olds say they are well informed about HIV/AIDS, some of them are nevertheless less up to date… And for once, some figures seem particularly worrying.

Among sexually active single people, one in two has used a condom and only 13% of them have had a screening test in the last twelve months. ” Screening is obviously the poor relation of the health of the over 50s develops Sandrine Fournier.

A small percentage (6%) of 50-79 year olds report having had multiple partners in the past year, with an average of 6.6 partners. Among them, a quarter say they have never used a condom and two-thirds have not carried out a screening test.

« These figures are particularly worrying because we know that HIV is mainly transmitted by people who do not know they are infected. However, the most exposed people do not seem to be concerned. The sexual health of this part of the population must also be an issue in the fight against AIDS.. concludes Sandrine Fournier.

Faced with this situation, the Sidaction association recommends:
– To intensify information and awareness campaigns aimed at people over 50 on the diversity of means of prevention
– To offer more opportunities for screening for HIV and other STIs for sexually active over 50s

In this spirit and to raise awareness of the issue of HIV/AIDS among those over 50, Sidaction is launching a campaign around great French popular songs, in which Lio, Dave, Particulier, Jean Pierre Mader and Emile & Images are participating.

The artists and their lyricists have agreed to rewrite and re-record their great classics (Banana Split, Du Côté de Chez Swann, Particulier, Macumba and Les Démons de Minuit) by including a message of awareness and prevention.

*Public Health data France 2021. Report published in December 2022
** Questionnaire conducted with 1,500 people by self-administered questionnaire from October 21 to 26, 2022

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