A comparison of six new devices

Some good smartphones are currently coming from China.
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The best and best-selling Android smartphones all come from China. We have tried current high-end devices and the price is hot.

Dhe Corona crisis is also causing the smartphone market to collapse. According to Gartner market researchers, sales in the first quarter around the world decreased by 75 million devices to 300 million. The Chinese manufacturer Huawei is particularly hard hit, and a trade dispute is also raging. Since Google services are not running on its new devices, Huawei can sell older models or label them as new with minor modifications. But the latest top products such as the Mate 30 Pro or the P40 Pro are unsuccessful outside of China. Despite a 27 percent slump compared to the same quarter of the previous year, Huawei remains the number two in the world market with a 14 percent market share.

Marco Dettweiler

As always, Samsung is the leader with 55 million smartphones sold and a market share of 18 percent. Samsung saw a 23 percent drop in sales. Apple in third place also sold fewer smartphones, around eight percent, and with 41 million iPhones stabilized its market share of 13.7 percent, just behind Huawei. The gap that Huawei is now opening is not being closed by the two big rivals Apple and Samsung, but is opening up new opportunities for previously unknown manufacturers. They all come from China. While the established big three are pursuing a high-price strategy, the young Chinese initially attacked from below. In the past, for less than 300 euros, they supplied high-quality devices with a multi-camera, powerful battery and almost borderless large-format display. After the Android middle class, they are now striving towards the upper class.


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