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“A compulsory vaccination which does not say its name”

During its Monday night address French President Emanuel Macron did a complete about-face regarding the health pass. A promise changed at the last moment. This pass is therefore extended to daily activities from the summer.

The health pass (vaccine or negative PCR test) will therefore become compulsory from July 21, for places of leisure and cultivation accommodating more than 50 people. At the beginning of August it will be extended to bars (including terraces), restaurants, airplanes, shopping centers, etc.

However the president had again affirmed last April 29 that this pass “can not be compulsory to access places of everyday life such as restaurants, theaters & cinemas”. “There will never be a right of access that differentiates the French” …

Strict measures without prior consultation

For its detractors, these measures were taken without prior debate or consultation of various experts. The common thread of these measures remains a simple opinion of the National Academy of Medicine for a “good vaccination. The president also promulgated the end of free PCR and antigen tests for the month of October, something that was also not relevant before. The state of health emergency has also been reinstated in Martinique and Réunion as well as a curfew.

This additional screw-up should be used to relaunch the vaccination campaign which has been declining for a few weeks. “To protect ourselves and for our unity, we must move towards the vaccination of all French people because it is the only way to return to normal life”, continued Emmanuel Macron.

Other measures have been taken such as compulsory vaccination for medical personnel and firefighters. If from September 15, caregivers or firefighters are not vaccinated, they will no longer be able to work and will no longer be paid, said the Minister of Health Olivier Véran and Gabriel Attal, the government spokesperson. The police and the gendarmerie are not concerned by these measures and can use the health pass, which can contain a simple negative test.

“Knock” on the unvaccinated

This radical change in strategy therefore intervenes to impose the vaccine in the fight against the currently predominant Delta variant. In addition, Emanuel Macron said he wanted to target the unvaccinated who must demonstrate collective citizenship. “Everywhere, we will have the same approach to recognize good citizenship and to put the restrictions on the unvaccinated rather than on all” he justified himself.

“A compulsory vaccination which does not say its name”

Among the Republicans, the extension of the health pass that makes people cringe “A sanitary pass to go to a shopping center, that is to say a sanitary pass to eat ?? Do we realize what this means in terms of civil liberties? But in which society Mr. Macron does he rock France? ” asks Gilles Platret, one of the vice-presidents of the Republicans, on Twitter.

Julien Aubert, LR deputy, denounces a “brutal and unsuitable measure”, “… Come back to instituting a compulsory vaccination which does not say its name”

Left parties have also reacted to these announcements. Philippe Poutou, spokesperson for the NPA and candidate for the Elysée: “It is a real public health service, the strengthening of the hospital system that must be made compulsory, with massive hiring of nursing staff, with the reopening of local hospitals. Easier to ’empower’ the population than the government itself. even.”

Alexis Corbière deputy LFI (La France Insoumise) : “The problem of vaccination is also social. The most privileged are vaccinated more. We must resolve the inequalities in access to care. It is not normal that we are still waiting for local vaccination centers in all neighborhoods. popular “. Eric Coquerel deputy LFI added “By making the vaccine compulsory for caregivers and then the country in the form of progressive generalization of the health pass, Emmanuel Macron is designing a society of generalized control and discrimination”.

These announcements are seen as liberticidal measures by the opposition parties. François Ruffin deputy LFI recalls: “Happy days, he promised, last year. Tonight, it’s health pass and compulsory vaccination.” “Six months ago, the president made a commitment: no compulsory vaccine. And today, no bistro, no restaurant, no cinema, no supermarket, no health pass. The symbol of a government powerless to convince, and to whom only the force of coercion remains. “

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