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The results of the ideation evening will be presented to the Downtown Revitalization Committee and City Council in early 2021.

The sites targeted by the ideation are the linear park along the river, rue Frontenac, which will become pedestrian between rue Wellington Nord and the new bridge, a public square in the extension of rue des Abénaquis, where was Nikitotek Square, an esplanade which will extend the promenade of the Magog River gorge and the railway viaduct which will be transformed into a belvedere. Among the objectives: greening the area, limiting heat islands, giving the banks back to citizens and renaturalizing the banks.

In the documents published by the City, it is about the development of paths along the banks.

The construction of the road infrastructure and the bridge is scheduled for 2021 and 2022. The demolition of the current bridge will be carried out in 2022. The development of the Frontenac space, the riverfront park and other public spaces will follow. Remember that a roundabout will be built on rue Terrill, at the intersection of the new rue des Grandes-Fourches.

“This major project is a unique opportunity in the history of a city. Before our teams go further in the design of the riverside park and public spaces, we want to know what the population wants to find there and the activities that they would like to practice there. I invite all Sherbrooke residents to participate in this ideation evening so that we can meet their expectations as much as possible ”, underlines Mayor Steve Lussier.

During the ideation evening, citizens can intervene verbally or in writing. Several methods will be put forward to encourage interactions. Sub-groups will be formed so that the population can express themselves.

The councilor of the Lac-des-Nations district, Chantal L’Espérance, ensures that citizens can really influence the project.

“We want to make this neighborhood something that will bring people together,” adds Vincent Boutin, president of the town planning advisory committee.

Évelyne Beaudin adds that elected officials have long demanded such an evening. “To be sure that we will meet expectations, I want there to be an idea for public places, but people will also have questions about car traffic, the layout of streets, the number of floors and integration of buildings and will want to know how much it will cost the City. These issues should not be overlooked. The elected officials specifically asked to address this issue during the ideation evening. “

She also wants documentation to be placed on the City’s website to allow citizens to prepare.

Mayor Lussier assured that the necessary documentation was already online at sherbrooke.ca/grandesfourches

Paul Gingues is convinced that citizens will surprise elected officials and hopes that precise financial guidelines will be given so that participants’ expectations are realistic.

Finally, Marc Denault recalled that since the Cité des rivières project, citizens have never had so much access to the banks of rivers. He would like us to address downtown organizations, especially the Curling Club, which will be located near the project, so that their members can be heard.

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