a contentious penalty, Grenoblois at half-time … what to remember from the frustrating draw between Grenoble against Niort

A man in the match: Moussa Djitté

It appears to be in orbit and that’s good news for the rest and end of the GF38 season. Because Moussa Djitté is currently taking care of his statistics. Even if, like his team, he did not achieve much in the first period. He had the merit of hanging on and not losing the confidence that must accompany attackers. He scored, like last week in Nancy (2-1), with a superb gesture once again. Positioned at twenty meters, he sent a powerful strike with the left foot after a poor clearance from the opposing defense. With seven goals, he is Grenoble’s top scorer this season.

The fact of the match: half-time in two

This is a flaw that we have already seen this season and that the Grenoblois are struggling to erase definitively. As in Nancy last week, they went through their first period before finding more colors in the second act. This GF38 with two faces tends to annoy its trainer Philippe Hinschberger. “It’s irritating, yes,” said the technician on Saturday night. Especially since it does not necessarily find an explanation. “We played baballe, we were too predictable. This is not enough, ”continues the coach. At least Grenoble was able to not lose a badly started game and thus preserve its invincibility at the Stade des Alpes (nine wins and four draws).

The question: was there a penalty for Niort?

The Grenoblois strongly contested Gaël Angoula’s decision to award a penalty to the Niortais for an alleged foul by Monfray on Ibnou Ba. The central defender threw himself into the box, but the images show that he does not touch the Chamois striker. “The referee was wrong, regrets Philippe Hinschberger. There are fifty centimeters between Adrien (Monfray) and the player from Niort. It’s a shitty penalty. The GF had already been the victim of a disputed penalty in Caen in December (1-1). But the Grenoblois did not put their draw on this fact of the game. “It is also our fault, said Hinschberger. It must be up to us to provoke in the surface. ”

The number: 5

It is the difference in points that separate GF38 from the sixth and first non-barrage winner Paris FC. The Grenoblois still have a small margin in the fight to stay in the top 5.

The phrase

“Our first half was not good. It’s the same scenario as in Nancy. We got scolded by the coach. At least we were able to straighten the bar after the break. But what is annoying is that we can only blame ourselves. We give the stick to get beaten. “

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