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A couple is committed to comprehensive health to face the pandemic

The professionals of the Health from Neuquen They will have a new space where they can offer their services. A space in which patients, for their part, will find the possibility of receiving interdisciplinary assistance. Is about Listen to you, a Comprehensive therapeutic center, designed to end virtual consultations, which will open its doors this Monday in San Martin 1685.

Enthusiastic and excited about the realization of the project that she devised with her partner, the engineer Ezequiel Soldano, the psychologist Mailén Demeyer (registration 1679) highlighted the design of the place and the spaciousness and comfort of the ten consulting rooms in which doctors and graduates from different disciplines will attend.

“The place is super big, it was a living room and we did all the divisions to make the offices. My boyfriend took care of all the plans and design. There are ten offices in total, which are adapted to health professionals of any discipline. You can work from a nutritionist, to a speech therapist to a psychopedagogue. Our idea is that the largest number of specialists from different areas work in a comprehensive manner, which includes referral of patients, “said the psychologist in dialogue with LMNeuquén, before remarking that the space also offers the possibility of comprehensive care, the result of the joint work of professionals from different branches.

“For instance, a psychologist may work in conjunction with a nutritionist in the case of a patient with an eating disorder. Everything will depend on the case, “he said.

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“Before assembling the project we were investigating and we listened what were the preferences of the health professionals and you have everything. Some love to work in a team and, for example, meet every Friday of the month to discuss cases. There are also those who prefer to work alone, that is why we are open to all possibilities. The people who go to work with us can do it the way they want“, he remarked while celebrating the start with a wide range of professionals: from speech therapists and psychomotor specialists, to nutritionists through psychologists who do vocational guidance or who offer individual, couple or family therapies.

When talking about the differential of Listening to You, Demeyer emphasized: “We have three strengths. One is the location, which is very nice. The center is in the Cumelén neighborhood, near the center and the west. It is a busy commercial area but does not have metered parking. It is terrific. That allows us to reach all kinds of audiences. “

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“The dimensions of the place are also a plus, as is the warmth. The center is really very large and that allows us to work in different areas. I am a big fan of decoration, so everything is designed so that both patients and professionals feel comfortable. We also reserve a kitchenette for them so they can have tea or coffee or eat. The offices are equipped with quality furniture and super comfortable armchairs or armchairs. All who have approached stayed“, he said before specifying how it works Listening to you from the side of health professionals.

“The clinics are rented by modules of four hours, once a week. There are modules in the morning -from 8 to 12-, in the afternoon -from 12:30 to 16:30- and in the evening from 17 to 21. The We separate them with half-hour slots so that there are no uncomfortable situations in the event that there is any delay. That four-hour space has a cost of four thousand pesos in the case of large clinics and 3,600 in the case of smaller ones “, he pointed out.

An initiative to cut off the virtuality of the pandemic

Listening to you was devised by Mailén and her boyfriend as an option to end the virtuality imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. In the midst of her long working hours in which she practices occupational psychology in a clinic and individual therapy through the screen, the graduate of the National University of Comahue gambled to develop his business facet to create a physical space of attention that includes his great passion: psychology.

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“My work history is very long. I have been working since I was very young and I did my degree studying. I did everything: I worked as a promoter, in a bar, in events, as a babysitter, in stores. He received me in 2015, I began to practice in 2016 and I specialized in labor. I could not have been anything else, I have passion for my career. Although I do work, I also dedicate myself to the clinic and I love when someone comes by recommendation or when you see the patient better “, synthesized the psychologist that, despite being born in Córdoba, she feels Neuquén and proudly remembers the anecdotes of her childhood and adolescence in the La Sirena neighborhood.

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“My working hours are 12 and with the issue of the pandemic I was left without work. As the virtual office was booming, I started with this modality, I opened a page and I began to be better known thanks to social networks. But there came a time in which I realized that people did not want to know anything with virtuality, mainly adolescents and So I took up the project of the office that I had been thinking about for a long time, when I saw shortcomings in the places that I rented“he explained.

“We discussed it with my partner and started to put together the idea and this place appeared as if it had fallen from heaven. One Sunday night, we passed by, we saw it and we said ‘here it is‘”, she expressed with enthusiasm, to later praise the support and work of her boyfriend who is in charge of the administration, while she enjoys organizing her new space and her new business facet.

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“We are in all the details so that the place is warm, welcoming. All the people who have been to see him have been very satisfied. We haven’t slept in two months“He said with a laugh.” We have given him all the heart and all the claw. Countless hours spent there all weekend. So we hope it is a success because we really have left everything, “he concluded.

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