a couple kicked out of a plane because their 2 year old daughter did not want to “obey the rules and wear her mask” (video)

The family was scheduled to catch a United Airlines flight from Denver to Newark last weekend. The airline required every passenger – including children – to travel with a mask.

When the young parents tried to put a mask on their daughter, the latter refused and began to cry. His father’s numerous attempts to keep shielding over his nose and mouth were unsuccessful, so the crew on board asked the family to get off the plane.

Scandalized, Eliz Orban decided to share the incident on social networks. “We just got kicked off the plane because our 2-year-old didn’t want to ‘follow the rules’ and keep her mask on,” she said, tearfully. “Now they send all of our luggage, including the car seat, to New York,” adding that the airline had banned the family from all their flights.


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