A courier in the Louny region delivered a package with electronics thrown from the delivery window, she was convicted by a video

The situation occurred in the first week of February in the village of Obora near Louny. The courier was supposed to deliver a package with electronics to the recipient, but apparently she did not put much work into finding the addressee.

“No one called, no one rang, no one blew. But because I usually park my own van in that place, I have a security camera in the house. When the alarm on my mobile phone sounded, I was just at work, so I immediately looked at the recording, “a man who wished to remain anonymous told the News.

“It can be seen in the footage that the courier took the package and threw it over the gate, where his wife found it. Immediately after the dismissal, the driver left despite the prohibition sign, “said the man, who managed to reach the courier in question in Louny in about an hour.

“I asked her if she threw the package over the yard door. She said yes, got in the car and drove off. My words about the fact that they are rattling in the package and I don’t want it anymore, she did not take note of, ”claims the customer of the courier company.

Vicious circle

After the courier left, the man dialed the DPD customer line, where a complaint was written with him. Since the customer should have been informed that a complaint is only possible in the case of damaged goods, a vicious circle arose, because the man refuses to open the box to avoid the suspicion that possible damage to the goods occurred later.

“I understand that the situation is as it is. But this is now the only way I can buy something, and then I see such behavior on the record, ”wonders the man who has not yet opened the package.

The news also contacted DPD, which commented on the situation through CEO Miloš Malaník. “How the courier behaved is, of course, completely inexcusable and in no way is it compatible with the values ​​and standard of DPD’s services. We are very sorry that the customer encountered such an act. We are urgently resolving the situation with the carrier (the courier’s employer) and we will inform the customer as soon as possible about the next steps, “he said.


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