A court order stops deportation of mother and her 3 children in Trinidad and Tobago

The order also determined that the woman will be allowed to use a cell phone to communicate with her relatives and lawyers.


07:58 PM / 29/11/2020

A court order stopped the deportation of four other Venezuelans, a mother and her three children, part of the twenty people of that nationality, including 16 minors, arrested last week, initially deported from Trinidad and Tobago and who remained almost two days in the sea before returning to the Caribbean country.

Judge Avason Quinlan-Williams issued an order this Sunday 29-N that prevents the State from deporting the family that returned among the twenty Venezuelans to the island of Trinidad on Tuesday after they were “escorted”, according to the terminology of the authorities. of the Caribbean country, outside the territorial waters of Trinidad and Tobago.

The court order also determined that the mother will be allowed to use a cell phone to communicate with her relatives and lawyers.

The family of four was part of the group of about twenty Venezuelans who were transferred last Friday from the Erin police station after their frustrated deportation and taken to the state quarantine facility at the heliport in Chaguaramas for a period of 14 days.

Last Wednesday, Quinlan-Williams also ordered the transfer of a four-year-old boy, his mother and his sister from the police station to the helipad, for medical reasons.

Since then, that family has been registered with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and their deportation remains interrupted until the case is determined.

The rest of Venezuelans in the group of about twenty people arrested last week remain in a quarantine situation awaiting a judicial decision on their future.

The media issue of the 16 minors, which for days has focused the news in Trinidad and Tobago, was followed by the announcement on Saturday by the Ministry of National Security of the deportation of 160 Venezuelan citizens, who entered the country illegally 60 days ago.

The Ministry of National Security announced on Saturday in a statement that the deportation of the 160 citizens of the South American country was carried out this Saturday “in conjunction with the Venezuelan authorities.”

The government agency stressed that the measure was made in compliance with government policy and respecting the laws of Trinidad and Tobago “to protect its citizens.”


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