A Covid-19 self-test kit available in the United States

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Self-testing is coming to the United States. Americans will be able to test themselves in 30 minutes. Drawing.

COVID-19 – In the United States, it is now possible to to screen yourself at home since Tuesday, November 17. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US drug regulatory authority, has authorized the marketing of a test Covid quick for individual use. In 30 minutes, Americans who wish will be fixed on a possible infection with Covid-19.

It is still necessary to pass the painful stage of the rod. This test is a nasal screening, on prescription, intended for individuals over 14 years of age in case of suspected contamination with the coronavirus. According to the site of Lucira Health, the company that created it, it would cost around $ 50.

Unlike the Lucira Health kit, the other home tests approved by the FDA at the end of April were until now to send to the laboratory for analysis, specifies AFP.

Expanding access to Covid-19 tests

“This is an important step forward that underscores our commitment to expanding access to testing,” said FDA chief Stephen Hahn. The American agency issued an emergency authorization to respond to the pandemic.

As of Tuesday, the United States recorded a total of 11,340,563 cases of Covid-19 for 248,429 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University which refers. These two balances are the heaviest at the global level. The green light from the FDA remains revocable or modifiable if new data on the efficacy or safety of the test appear later.

Lucira Health

The Covid-19 test to do yourself, developed by the company Lucira Health

These tests use LAMP technology, similar to the PCR method, but faster and less bulky. The company that markets this test provides an electrical device that amplifies the genetic material of the virus when the sample is slipped inside.

Test yourself without medical training

Until now, the FDA has never approved such an individual infectious disease testing device, except for HIV testing. A policy that is not really linked to the reliability of screening devices. LAMP technology does not pose any major difficulties for the industry. It has long been known and used for other diseases. About 20 companies are currently working on the design of a do-it-yourself Covid test in the United States.

But is testing yourself really within everyone’s reach, especially when you don’t have medical training? The American Medicines Agency is very careful about the likelihood of making a handling error. So much so that the question has become a selling point across the Atlantic. On the Lucira Health website, we can read in large: “Our clinical studies show that 100% of users over the age of 14 are able to make our test work”.

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