a cross-gen game or excluded PS5? News @JVL

With Marvel’s Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn sequels available or planned for PS4 / PS5, what about the future God of War? Doubt hovers …

With his teaser out of nowhere and his not so distant arrival, God of War Ragnarok will impose itself asone of the big PlayStation home productions in 2021, but its status is currently unclear to say the least.

Indeed, will we still have a cross-gen game or a PS5 exclusive? Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, did not wish to answer frankly our colleagues from The Telegraph and held comments that could suggest a simultaneous release on PS4 and PS5:

Sorry, I have nothing to say about this today.

A boot in touch to hide a new cross-gen episode and avoid criticism? Sincere response for a choice that has not yet been made within the studio and the manufacturer?

Source : www.telegraph.co.uk


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