A cup before bed is the secret of star agility to lose seven kilos in a week with ease

A cup before bed is the secret of the stars’ agility to lose seven kilos in a week with ease – educate me

The problem of being overweight is one of the most common problems that lead to many diseases, such as: diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and other diseases. We must eat a snack during dinner, and eat it at least two hours before bed, and it is possible to eat a salad dish. Vegetables, or a cup of yogurt, or a plate of salmon, or tuna, at dinner and it is required to filter the oil from it, because during sleep I can get rid of excess weight, and it is preferable to sleep for long hours ranging from seven to eight hours continuously in sleep, in order to get rid of the extra weight for all. .

The magic marjoram cup for slimming lose 7 kilos in a week, lose the rumen, buttocks and all parts of the body for good

Lily drink to burn fat

There is a night drink that burns fat, especially during hours, it is called a fat-burning drink, and it provides the body with vitamins that work to relax the body, and we will need these ingredients: a spoonful of lemon juice, a spoon of apple cider vinegar, a fruit of pepper, a cup of water, a spoon From natural white honey, and all we do we do: Mix cumin with apple cider vinegar with pepper with honey with water and put them in the electric mixer, and we eat a cup of it at night and we will get rid of excess weight, and it is preferable to repeat this drink daily.

Night drinks to lose weight

I can eat a glass of grapefruit juice before bedtime. It helps without adding sugar at all. It improves blood circulation and reduces fat storage in the body and thus improves blood circulation. In addition to chamomile and green tea drink, all I need is: a spoonful of green tea, a spoon From chamomile, a cup of water, and we mix them together well and put them on the fire until it boils, then we filter this drink, and we drink it at night before bed, and also a drink of honey with cinnamon preferably half an hour before bed.

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