a customer goes wild in an Aldi store in Belgium, the video creates a buzz but calls out

The endless health crisis and the strict measures linked to it are clearly affecting the morale of many citizens. A video posted on Twitter that was filmed in an Aldi store in the north of the country looks like further proof that the heavy atmosphere we have known for months is making the population more fragile.

In the sequence, we can see a customer who is quite upset because … the Jonagold apple rack is empty: “Listen, do you have Jonagold’s, yes or no?” He shouts, addressing a store employee. When he learns that there are no more, the man will go even further: “We must ourselves guess that there is no more Jonagold? Nondidju, you have to restock the department all day long, ”he says, before addressing several bird names to the saleswoman.

“At first, it made me laugh”

The video, which was widely viewed, was shared by Flemish actor Jacques Vermeire. He admits that it was not him who filmed the scene and that he does not know the context in which the sequence was shot. “At first, it made me laugh,” he told Nieuwsblad. “But afterwards, I consider this event to be a good illustration of the complicated times we are living in. It looks like a crisis that arouses a maximum of frustration ”. The actor therefore asks that we do not judge the client until we know more about the circumstances.

Aldi call for calm

On the side of Aldi, we confirm that we have been made aware of the incident and that an internal investigation will be opened to determine how we could get there. “But we ask our customers to be understanding if products are not on the shelf. We do our utmost to ensure that all stocks are available ”.

The spokesperson for Aldi, however, condemns the client’s remarks towards his employee “We must not forget that these insults are addressed to a human being, to someone who is trying to do his job as best as possible in this difficult situation” .


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