A dangerous statement.. “Mossad” made an incursion into Iran and all officials are concerned for their lives!

Former Iranian Security Minister Ali Younesi confirmed that “the Israeli Mossad has penetrated into various sectors of Iran during the last 10 years, to the extent that all Iranian officials are concerned for their lives.”

And in a video interview broadcast by the “Jamaran” website affiliated with the reformist movement in Iran, Younesi, who held the Ministry of Intelligence during the era of the former reformist Iranian President, Muhammad Khatami, indicated that “the Iranian security and intelligence services are accusing each other instead of identifying the elements Mossad in the country.

He explained that “the Israeli Mossad was able to launch several strikes in Iran, to the extent that it has become a clear and explicit threat to Iranian officials.”

Younesi also criticized what he called “parallel security institutions in Iran and the competition between them,” stressing that “the creation of new security institutions affected the work of the Ministry of Intelligence and weakened it.” He continued: “These institutions, instead of fighting the Israeli infiltration, were preoccupied with controlling each other, which opened the arena to global intelligence services.

Younesi stressed that “the Iranians have the right today to express their concern about any incident in Iran,” calling for “an end to the competition between the Iranian security services and the conflict between them, and for combating the penetration of the enemy as a top priority.”

He pointed out that the priority of the Iranian security services today is “to fight the critics at home, not the Israeli security incursion.”

Iran accuses Israel of being responsible for several security events it witnessed in less than a year, including the bombing of the advanced centrifuge manufacturing and production center in Natanz in July last year, and the assassination of nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, near Tehran, in November of last year. The same year, and the incident at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility last April, which led to the destruction of centrifuges at the facility.

Iranian media announced last week that they had thwarted a “sabotage act” against a building belonging to the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization in the outskirts of Karaj, near Tehran, without revealing any details or accusing any party.

Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a press interview two weeks ago that “the anti-Israel official in the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence was a spy for Israel, and that Israel was able to obtain thousands of nuclear documents from the “Turquozabad” site, south of Tehran, and documents related to the terrorist organization. Iranian space.


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