“A dangerous text”: controversy at The Voice France after the performance of Tarik

If, at first, the young man of 21 years created a great moment of emotion on the set of The Voice, the most beautiful voice this Saturday evening on TF1, Tarik then stirred up the fury of Internet users. In question ? His slam, on a personal song and composition from him – which made Vianney burst into tears – and which talks about abortion.

Indeed, just after his interpretation of “Crossroads” by Grand Corps Malade, Tarik indulged in his personal slam where the lyrics evoke a woman who decided to perform a voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion) and who address to his embryo. “My son I look at you but slowly you disappear. So I hold on to you and the dream that you were. Because yes you were not born and I will never see you. My son is not mad at me, but I’m going to have to abort you. “

The fairer sex goes to the front

On the side of female Internet users, it is indignation. “But who are these guys who talk about abortion like it’s happening in their bodies? the activist Marguerite Stern complained in particular. Stop bringing it all back to you. Abortion is a woman’s business! “

A viewer talks about a “dangerous text. It took centuries to get some rights and guys who don’t know anything about life try to make us feel guilty for the few rights we have, yuck”.

Another goes up in the same vein: “If you could stop giving consciousness to fetuses, if you could stop talking about abortion as a trauma, if you could stop feeding the anti-abortion imaginationt.

In short, Internet users shocked by the guilty side for the woman of Tarik’s text. And this, despite a five-star vocal performance from the young man who will however continue the adventure with Marc Lavoine, the only coach to have turned around.


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