A daughter of Carlos Reutemann will claim the 1981 Formula 1 champion title for her father

Cora Reutemann, daughter of Carlos Alberto “Lole” Reutemann, will claim the title of 1981 Formula 1 champion for his father after Bernie Ecclestone confessed that he paid bribes to harm the man from Santa Fe that season.

42 years after the competitionthe controversy was revived due to the fact that the ecclestone confessed the maneuvers he performed at that time in the documentary called “Lucky!”broadcast by the Star+ signal.

Reutemann reached the last date with the greatest chance of being champion, but in that race in the American city of Las Vegas he finished in eighth position and was surpassed by one point by Nelson Piquetpilot of Brabham, the team that belonged to the top leader of the category, Bernie Ecclestone.

“After the first day of practice it was obvious that the drivers were going to have problems with all the neck pain. Carlos spoke with the masseuse who was in the pits. I went to see this person and after some financial discussion, they decided to favor Nelson. We won the 1981 championship and it was the end for Carlos, who stopped racing shortly after.”Ecclestone noted.

In radio statements, he added: “Williams was fine with Michelin, he switched to Goodyear on Bernie’s orders, which was supposed to go well. Williams had never tried Goodyear before. There you can see in the championship that the performance drops. The cartel in Brazil, a lot of things were added. Obviously dad is the 1981 champion.”

Furthermore, he revealed: «The day before dad died I sent an audio to Bernie asking him to be honest with my father and to tell him before he left that he was the true 1981 champion. Unfortunately the next day he died and was left in the air. I never imagined that she would have significance as well as now. Bernie told me that anything he needed he could ask for. I asked him that, to tell the truth. He did it publicly, which is much better ». In this sense, the woman remarked that one of her objectives is to give the title to “Lole” and that it is “a fight for the truth.”

The great career of Carlos Reutemann

Carlos «Lole» Reutemann was a racing driver from a very young age, since he started at the age of 23 in the Improved Tourism and after going through several categories, He spent a decade in Formula 1 between 1972 and 1982, where he was part of 144 competitions, of which he won 12 and climbed the podium 45 times.

The former national senator for Santa Fe and former governor of that province died at the age of 79 on July 7, 2021, after leading an extensive career in motorsports and politics.

Given this, Cora Reutemann expressed: “I already knew that. Not only this that he confessed to the masseur, but something much more serious, that the Brabham was not suitable for running due to ground effect, which was prohibited. Later, there was also the issue of the tires that were changed, that the motorsports people know.

Source: Argentine News

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