a Deathstroke with a much more badass look in the Snyder Cut

While the Warner recently awarded usa new trailer of the Snyder Cut from Justice League, we discover today a new photo of Deathstroke, which will approach a very different look from the one he had in the initial cut of the film.

A redesigned look

We recall : the character of Deathstroke made a short appearance in the post-credits scene of the movie version of Justice League, during which he was hired by Lex Luthor. It looks like director Zack Snyder has other plans for the character. Indeed, a recent article by Collider taught us that, like Jared Leto before him, actor Joe Manganiello, who plays Deathstroke, has been called up to shoot some scenes.

If the news in itself is surprising, it is nothing compared to the photo that the interpreter of Deathstroke that Joe Manganiello posted on his social networks :

Not only will Deathstroke gain prominence in the Snyder Cut, but it also seems that the mercenary will sport a new look. Haired in Iroquois, Deathstroke seems much more badass.

Remember that Deathstroke was originally supposed to appear in the movie Batman directed by Ben Affleck, before the project was canceled, and the character was to have his solo film, directed by Gareth Evans (The Raid). The Snyder Cut could be an opportunity to gain popularity, and get the film project centered on the famous mercenary back on track.

Otherwise, we emphasize that Deathstroke is not the only super-villain to benefit from a revamped look in the Snyder Cut, like Steppenwolf, which will be much scarier. We look forward !

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