A decision by the Minister of Education regarding the start of the school year and the registration of students in public schools

The Minister of Education and Higher Education in the caretaker government, Tariq Al-Majzoub, issued a decision No. 385/m/2021, regarding the start of the school year 2021/2022 and the registration of students in public schools and secondary schools, and it stated:

“The Minister of Education and Higher Education,

Based on Decree No. 6157 of January 21, 2020 (formation of the government),

Based on Decree No. 2869 of December 16, 1959 (organization of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education),

Based on Decree No. 2089 dated 10/18/1971 (Determining the Days of Actual Teaching) and its amendments,

Based on Resolution No. 590 of 19/6/1974 (the bylaws for official high schools) and its amendments,

Based on Resolution No. 1130/M/2001 dated 9/10/2001 (the bylaw of the official kindergarten and basic education schools),

In order to ensure the proper functioning of public schools and secondary schools and to enable them to start a successful academic year,

Based on the opinion poll of the Director of Primary Education, the Director of Secondary Education, and the Director of Guidance and Guidance,

On the proposal of the Director General of Education,

decides the following:

Article 1: The school year 2021/2022 begins on Tuesday morning 7/9/2021, and from this date the preparatory work and registration of students for this year, and the work of the summer school, as well as the preparation and completion of exams for the past year 2020/2021 coincide, so that the Director of The school organizes the conduct of these works, provided that working hours on 7/9/2021 are mandatory for all members of the educational staff in the owners, and the shift is adopted in the period between Wednesday 8/9/2021 and Saturday 25/9/2021 inclusive.

Article Two: It is prohibited to travel outside Lebanon for professors and members of the educational staff during the preparatory work period, including shift periods, unless it is linked to a special unpaid leave, with travel allowed during it.

Article Three: Students’ registration work ends on Monday, October 11, 2021, inclusive, as follows:

Registration continues for Lebanese and those who are not registered of Lebanese descent, and those born of a Lebanese mother, who have successfully completed the end-of-year exams, until 9/10/2021.

Completion exams are held for old students who have failed and previously absent during the period from 9/20/2021 to 9/25/2021 inclusive for those who have not achieved the required pass rate in the subject or subjects in which the student failed (after calculating the marks of the first, second and last exams), and for students Those who are absent, provided that the concerned students are registered immediately after the results of these exams are issued and in the classes that were assigned to them according to the results of this exam until 30/9/2021.

The registration of Lebanese students with unregistered Lebanese origins and newly born of a Lebanese mother starts from 10/9/2021 until 10/10/2021 inclusive and in classes where there is an academic seat, with allotment of places for old students who are subject to completion exams.

The dates and conditions for the registration of non-Lebanese old students before noon will be determined later in light of the absorptive capacity. It is prohibited to register any student before these dates and conditions are set.

Fourth Article:

Teaching begins in the official certificate classes and the kindergarten stage as of Monday 27/9/2021, followed by the rest of the classes and circles according to what suits the conditions of each educational institution and ensures the proper functioning of the work in it, provided that all classes are enrolled in teaching on Monday, which falls It is 4/10/2021

Teaching is based in person for at least four days a week, and one day remotely when necessary.

Article Five: Decisions regulating the registration of non-Lebanese students in accredited schools for the afternoon shift will be issued later.

Sixth Article:

School / high school attendance, to carry out registration work, in schools and secondary schools approved as summer schools, is limited to Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays of every week during the summer vacation, and on Tuesdays of every week in other schools, to the director of the school / high school and to the principal and the principals, and the principal can Rotation should be adopted in the event of the presence of more than one superintendent, in addition to the presence of the health guide, librarian, mechanization workers, and users as needed, and rotation when there is more than one user.

Seventh Article:

First: About the registration work:

In registering students, the geographical scope of their residence shall be taken into consideration, based on Circular No. 51/M/2001. No student is transferred from an official secondary school to another official secondary school without the approval of the concerned directorate.

Students are registered daily and according to the working hours of the mechanization worker on the SIMS program, and the employee in charge of mechanization work enters the information related to the student registration process daily, in addition to the approved records.

Provided that the receipt issued by the SIMS program for the benefit of the secondary fund is approved in the secondary education stage, and the same receipt is approved in the kindergarten and basic education stages, writing the number (0) in the paid amount according to the law on free education in the kindergarten and basic education stages, and the work of the previously approved special receipt continues. In favor of the Parents Council fund in relation to the secondary stage.

Students are registered in the presence of parents, provided that the student and his guardian review the rights and duties of the student and sign a form of undertaking to abide by the regulations.

The director of the secondary school submits a weekly report to the educational district / the Directorate of Secondary Education, each in its own right, that includes a statement of student registration statistics with the approval of the SIMS program, which is deposited with the Directorate of Primary Education regarding the kindergarten and basic education stages.

The Directorate of Secondary Education, and the Directorate of Primary Education across the educational districts, each in its own right, supervise the process of registering students and distributing them according to the actual absorptive capacity. Hotline No. 01/772000 is set up to follow up the registration work and secure a seat for each student.

Second: Documents required of new Lebanese students born to a Lebanese mother:

The new student’s enrollment application is submitted with the following documents:

An individual registration statement that is not more than one year old, or a certified copy of it.

A duly certified school statement for the academic year 2020/2021 according to the approved form.

A statement of the student’s grades for the first semester during the previous year for the tenth and eleventh grades to choose the appropriate branch, or an equivalent statement to continue studying according to the Lebanese curriculum issued by the Secretariat of the Equivalency Committee in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

A medical statement not more than a month old, proving that the student is free of communicable and contagious diseases.

Medical file from previous/high school.

The provisions of Circular No. 137 of 9/26/2011 regarding the obligation to present the vaccination card when registering students shall be enforced.

Third: Miscellaneous matters

Students are registered in public schools / secondary schools according to the capacity of each of them.

In the event that there are cases of exceeding the allowable age requirement to register students after a break of one year or more, the school/high school principal shall organize a list of their names to be referred to the direct manager with his clear and explicit opinion.

Students who have dropped out of school for a period not exceeding two years are accepted for registration (Memorandum No. 205/M/2002).

Students coming from private high schools/high schools and who have submitted judicial reviews before the competent judiciary after verifying the authenticity of the documents they submit are accepted, provided that their conditions are justified in accordance with legal principles.

New students with unregistered Lebanese origins are accepted, and the total approval requests for their acceptance are submitted attached to the available documents, provided that the school/high school principal prepares a total statement of their names and distributes them to the classes to refer it later to the Directorate of Primary/Secondary Education in the administrative hierarchy.

It is prohibited to open any new section without complying with the specified conditions and with the approval of the competent authority, and any financial burdens resulting from violating this clause shall be borne personally by the school/high school principal.

It is prohibited to open any class that does not meet the minimum number of students required according to the bylaw, and in this case it is merged into a close class until the end of the second cycle, and transferred to a neighboring school/high school for the third cycle and secondary classes.

The school/high school principal, principals, or members of the educational staff are prohibited from collecting or receiving any funds outside of what is stipulated in the regulations in force.

The school / secondary administration is committed to the decision related to the recovery of textbooks from students, and their redistribution for the year 2021/2022 after determining the new needs in accordance with the rules. behavioral.

High schools and public schools are prohibited from exempting a student from following the Lebanese curriculum or exempting him from any subject taught in the Arabic language, even if he obtained a statement from the Equivalency Committee allowing him to follow the foreign curriculum.

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