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A deputy of the Tomsk Duma, a supporter of Alexei Navalny, Ksenia Fadeeva, was detained by police officers. Updated – News – 28.12.21 – TV-2 agency – current news in Tomsk today

A deputy of the Tomsk Duma, a supporter of the politician Alexei Navalny, Ksenia Fadeeva, was detained by police officers. Several sources reported to TV2 at once. Currently, Ksenia Fadeeva is in the Investigative Committee on Kirov, 51. Searches are being carried out in her house. According to the editorial source, the searches were carried out by officers of the Investigative Committee from Moscow. They take place not only at the apartment and dacha of Ksenia Fadeeva, but also at the apartment of her friend. According to a TV2 source, Ksenia Fadeeva was detained at the dacha where she lived.

According to preliminary information, Ksenia Fadeeva will be taken from Tomsk to Moscow for interrogation.

“She is suspected of committing crimes under Part 3 of Art. 282.1, Part 3 of Article 239,” a TV2 source said.

Article 282.1. – This is “Organization of an extremist community”, the maximum sanction of the article is imprisonment for a term of seven to twelve years with a fine in the amount of three hundred thousand to seven hundred thousand rubles. Article 239 is “Creation of a non-profit organization that infringes upon the personality and rights of citizens”, the maximum punishment is up to two years in prison.

Leonid Volkov called the incident a huge disaster and suggested that a new round of cases related to extremism awaits everyone.

“This morning, searches took place in Irkutsk and Tomsk, and the former coordinators of our former headquarters, Zakhar Sarapulov and Ksenia Fadeeva, were brought in for interrogations in the IC. There is no connection with them now. We have every reason to believe that this is a new round of repressions for “extremism” presented retroactively for the absolutely legal and public activities of Navalny’s headquarters in 2017-2021. “

He noted that Ksenia Fadeeva was asked to leave the country, but she refused.

“In November, immediately after the arrest of Lilia Chanysheva, we once again contacted all the former coordinators who still remained in Russia, and offered any assistance with departure: financial, organizational, etc. Not only offered – they persuaded. Zakhar flatly refused: firstly, he is very brave, even crazy; secondly, he was not ready to give up his project, “Irkutsk Insider”. He had big plans for “life after the headquarters,” he created a regional media outlet, which in a few months became the most visible and readable independent media in Irkutsk. Ksenia flatly refused: she wrote to me that she was scared, but she is a deputy, she has voters, she has a district, she has responsibility – she cannot leave her voters and her work in the Tomsk City Duma, where she was elected in 2020 … Ksenia Fadeeva and Zakhar Sarapulov are the best people of Russia, real patriots and worthy citizens. Ksenia was elected a deputy in Tomsk, thousands of people voted for her in the elections; Zakhara is read by thousands of people in Irkutsk. They are not “extremists” at all. Now we are trying to coordinate legal assistance and get in touch with the guys. We will keep you updated. And of course, we ask you to help with dissemination and publicity. “

Deputy of the Tomsk Duma Maxim Zabelin noted that now the deputies will prepare a testimonial for Xenia.

“Ksenia predicted these events, but really didn’t want to leave. Recently, we often discussed this topic with her in a comic form. There were fewer and fewer headquarters coordinators at large in Russia, someone left, someone was under arrest. The lawyer is with her now. We are preparing a description from the deputies of the Tomsk Duma, those who are not afraid to sign, “Zabelin wrote. in your Telegram channel.

In turn, the speaker of the Tomsk Duma, Chingis Akatayev, commenting on the situation, said that “there is no official information yet”: “I hope there will be clarity from law enforcement agencies.”

We add that similar detentions and searches took place in other cities. In particular, activist Zakhar Sarapulov was detained in Irkutsk. How writes Taiga.info, in the fall Sarapulov planned to run for the State Duma from the Yabloko party, but could not do this because of the law prohibiting people involved in the activities of extremist organizations from participating in elections.

In November, security officials came with searches to former employees of Navalny’s * headquarters in Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk and Ufa. Operational measures were related to the case of the “extremist community” brought against Alexei Navalny and his associates. After that, the former coordinator of the Ufa headquarters, Lilia Chanysheva, was sent to a pre-trial detention center, and the Novosibirsk city council deputy Sergei Boyko, who was in charge of the local headquarters, left the country.

Ksenia Fadeeva was the coordinator of the Tomsk headquarters of Alexei Navalny before the closure of this organization. In early 2021, she was detained several times for participating in uncoordinated actions in support of Alexei Navalny. The court sentenced her to a fine of 25 thousand (for a share on January 23), 20 thousand (for a share on January 31), and 300 thousand rubles for organizing the action on April 21. At the same time, Ksenia Fadeeva did not take part in this action.

* Navalny’s headquarters were included by Rosfinmonitoring in the list of organizations involved in terrorism and extremism on April 30, 2021 and banned in Russia

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