a detail altered all the plans of the historical news anchor (video)

The ad hit the television world like a bombshell. This Tuesday, Jean-Pierre Pernaut announced that he had decided to quit presenting the TF1 newscast at 1 p.m. If all viewers are now aware of this historic change for the French channel … it was not expected.

Indeed, as revealed by Jean-Pierre Pernaut this Wednesday evening at Quotidien, the date should have remained secret for a while. “We wanted to announce this quiet departure first to our teams, to regional correspondents and to the editorial staff of TF1, no doubt within a fortnight,” he explained to Yann Barthès. But a journalist from Le Figaro changed all of the presenter’s plans. “We don’t know how she got the information because there were four or five of us to know. We therefore planned in disaster for the writing of TF1 (…) It is the journalist who gave us the news but we respected what I wanted to do, namely first to warn the teams that I will stop before the end of the year “.

One question remains: who is the mole? “I do not know of the doubt but there is one”, indicates the historical presenter of 13h before making a new revelation. “We have already kept the secret for three months, it was not bad”.


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