A doctor posing in a Ferrari went for a drink and hit a car on the opposite side VIDEO

A doctor from the “Elena Doamna” Maternity Hospital in Iaşi caused a car accident, on Wednesday evening, on Calea Galata.

After consuming 300 ml. of spirits, the doctor got behind the wheel and drove about 30 meters in the opposite direction, hitting a Renault Talisman car. The woman was moving from Galata, towards the traffic light, on the opposite direction, when, at a certain moment, a driver who was on the opposite direction, started flashing her to warn her. With her reflexes delayed due to alcohol consumption, however, the doctor entered the car she had just bought two days ago, by the innocent man.

Following the test, the police found that Theodora R. had a blood alcohol level of 0.70 mg / l pure alcohol in the expired air. Also, after a thorough control, the policemen from Iași discovered that the Skoda car, driven by the guilty doctor, had an expired ITP.

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