a document from the CSC Public Services draws anger, including within the Christian union

It is the daily Le Soir which reveals it this Wednesday. He got wind of a publication from the CSC Public Services, a “tract” three pages for its affiliates. It relates to the compulsory vaccination of caregivers. Presented as a document intended to inform union members working in the health care sector on the issue of compulsory vaccination of caregivers, the publication relays information that may be related to the arguments of “antivax”. What raise questions, even criticism. This is the case, as Le Soir explains, in the scientific community. This is also the case, even within the CSC, where the CNE which defends caregivers in the private sector, the CNE distances itself from its public colleague. All this against the backdrop, obviously, of tensions or rivalries between the two powerhouses, each of which is sharpening its weapons to oppose the government’s plans to impose vaccination on nursing staff.

What can be read in the CSC Public Services document

As Le Soir explains, which has read this three-page document first, the CSC Services publics informs its affiliates that “disease kills little”, that “the efficacy of the vaccine has not yet been demonstrated in the long term”, that “The attitude of pharmaceutical companies is scandalous. They refuse to take responsibility for vaccine-related sequelae but pocket billions” and “the vaccines were first distributed to rich countries.”

Words that make the scientific community react. Also in Le Soir, Jean-Michel Dogné, from U-Namur, expert on the WHO vaccine safety committee and member of the Belgian vaccination task force is critical. He talks about“unhealthy arguments”, adds that if the disease kills little, it is thanks to vaccination and defends the long-term effectiveness “always greater than 90% for severe forms, even before the 3rd dose”.

And this Wednesday, Dr Nicolas Dauby, specialist in infectious diseases at Saint-Pierre hospital in Brussels, also cracked a reaction on Twitter. “The unions must face the facts: the best investment for an egalitarian society is the vaccine, not the virus. Should we remind them that the virus mainly affects the most vulnerable?” he published.

Within the Christian union, the CNE distances itself

The CNE-non-profit sector, which defends workers in the health care sector who work in the private sector, reacted on Wednesday. No question for her to endorse the publication of her colleague from the public sector. “The CNE is completely distancing itself from the publications of the CSC Public Services disseminated on the occasion of their campaign”, communicates Yves Hellendorf, National Secretary of the CNE – non-profit sector.

While the CNE has launched an appeal to other unions and trade union centers to join it, as a common front in order to fight the government’s plans to vaccinate healthcare workers, Yves Hellendorf, interviewed by RTBF, notes “that there are very clumsy communications which really weaken the union action we are leading and we want to distance ourselves from the content of this leaflet”.

With regard to his colleague, Véronique Sabel, who leads the troops in the medical sector for the CSC Public Services, Yves Hellendorf sends a message: “I dare to hope that she will consider or that she considered that this leaflet is, at the very least, awkward or, in any case, does not correspond to the position of her trade union organization, and that, in these conditions, she withdraw this leaflet and denounce the comments made therein. “

CSC Public Services qualifies and denies being “anti-tax”

We contacted Véronique Sabel, the National Secretary of the CSC Public Services. For her, “It is not a leaflet. It is a document written following questions received from numerous workers on various and varied subjects.” She explains having taken back what she has found “in the literature informatively”. “I put the context back”, she adds. She speaks “information relating to the vaccination obligation”.

For Véronique Sabel, this is not the position of the CSC Services Publics. “We take it out of context by saying that it is a position of the CSC, but no”, she explains. And to clarify his point of view: “It is clear that if we say that covid kills little, it is thanks to the vaccine!”. For Véronique Sabel, we do here “an interpretation […] CSC is not antivax. She never was “, she adds.

As for the reliability of long-term vaccines, “Obviously, since we are in phase 4 and this phase will last 10 years, it is random. It is not negative in itself. It is general information”, continues the head of the CSC Public Services. On the morning of Wednesday, the CSC Public Services issued a press release to clarify its position as it is accused of being antivax and of minimizing the impact of the pandemic.

The CSC Public Services reiterates its position in this debate on the compulsory vaccination of nursing staff. “We are certainly not anti-vaccines”, explains Véronique Sabel. Compared to compulsory vaccination, “We say that if we apply in health care, we crystallize. We must apply it to everyone else, because the vaccine is circulating in civil society”, she specifies.

“In addition, to bind to the sanctions, it is a scandal because these workers are on the spot for two years. […] The result of giving sanctions when you are not vaccinated is that people will increase the absence from the workplace “, adds the head of the CSC Public Services. In this sense, the CSC Services Publics is not fundamentally different from other speeches in union circles.

The peculiarity is that for the moment, the CSC Public Services has not (yet?) Joined the union common front which militates against the plans for compulsory vaccination of patients.

The CSC Public Services is already organizing actions. The other unions are organizing for December 7: should this be seen as a rivalry?

On the side of the CNE-non-profit sector, where one wonders about the communication of the CSC Public Services, it is explained that the common union front is getting organized, but that the CSC Public Services has not joined it. “We can see that we have proposed a united front campaign. The CNE took the initiative. The other organizations agreed. The CSC Public Services said that it had its own agenda and that it was leading its campaign. herself”, summarizes Yves Hellendorf, of the CNE. “I see that there is a leaflet that is extremely damaging to the image we were trying to convey in the common front, namely that we are not going to advertise anti-ax,” adds Yves Hellendorf.

Indeed, for its part, the CSC Public Services has already launched actions this week in the hospital sector. The activists are mobilized every day in the various provinces of the country, as well as in Brussels.

For Véronique Sabel, of the CSC Services publics, if the document that she sent to her affiliates today focuses criticism, it would be rather because “The fact that we are mobilized and visible disturbs a lot”. As for the fact that the CSC Services publics did not join the common union front, Véronique Sabel explains. “The CNE put me in front of a fait accompli to have an action on the 7th (December) without asking my opinion while I’m on strike all week, “reacts the union official.” I have to meet my committee on November 30, “ she adds. She explains that to go and demonstrate with the other unions, including the CNE, she must “have a mandate”, that she could have next Tuesday, at the earliest. She therefore considers that by criticizing her, the CNE is making her “a trial of intent”.

For his part, Yves Hellendorf, of the CNE, he does not close the door of the common union front to his alter ego of the public service. “If we have extremely clear communication from the CSC Public Services which meets our concerns and which asks to join the common front, obviously we will be very happy that we can be in a completely unitary vision”, reacts Yves Hellendorf, the National Secretary of the CNE-non-profit sector.

As Yves Hellendorf points out, for the common union front, we must achieve a “rate of immunity of the population sufficient to fight the disease”, “vaccination is an essential tool to prevent more deaths. “,” in matters of public health, a government has the authority to take collective measures “,” there are limits to the individual right “, but” we refuse that there is a vaccination obligation for health professionals only , with the risk of further increasing the staff shortage “. Arguments, after all, not very different from those recalled by the CSC Public Services. So, will the Christian trade union federations go beyond the divisions to find themselves within the common front? The answer, perhaps, Tuesday, November 30 …

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