A documentary traces the life of Ferran Latorre in his dream of 14 eight thousand

As in many other areas, in the mountains there is also a considerable dose of farfolla materialized in presumptuous mountaineers, covered by a lot of marketing but with little consistency, as Araceli Segarra commented on Wednesday in the presentation of the documentary Ferran Latorre. Beyond 8,000 , which will premiere next Tuesday in the program Sense
from TV3. Latorre, the first Catalan to have topped the planet’s 14 eight-thousandths, is aligned with another group, that of old-school mountaineers, solvent and capable of renouncing a peak that they have a stone’s throw away if the price to be paid is saving the life of a fellow in distress. Values ​​that should never be lost.

The film, directed by Manuel Huerga and Juanma Arizmendi, seeks to show the most human part of Latorre, who is the man who has invested half his life in a dream that he began to caress as a child, when he crowned his first 3,000, Punta Alta, and devoured a book about a fantastic adventure, Everest without bottled oxygen by the greats Peter Habeler, his myth, and Reinhold Messner.


“I am not the best mountaineer in the world, the only merit I can attribute to myself is humility, I am a survivor”

His project has also been Everest and the other 13 mountains of more than 8,000 meters, but, above all, the roof of the world. The story that now reaches the screens, produced by The Mediapro Studio and TV3, gathers Latorre’s reflections on what pushes one to play the guy every two by three and renounce a certain stability. The film includes images taken by the protagonist himself during his stage as a height camera to To the wire . Precisely among the characters that appear are the creator of this disappeared program, Sebastián Alvaro; the aforementioned Segarra, the first Spanish woman to crown Everest; Habeler, Ferran’s hero, and his daughter, Clara.

The innocent passion of a child who fell in love with Punta Alta, in the Pyrenees, was fed with stories of the most romantic mountaineering, that of other times. He has lived in his own flesh adrenaline ascents and dramatic moments, the deaths of colleagues, such as Xavi Lamas, caught by an avalanche while acclimatizing to climb Everest. Ferran considers that these misfortunes “make you humble, otherwise you are an idiot.”

Completing his project cost him 34 expeditions, 34 times to the Himalayas to tread the 14 eight thousand. And very scared. Fear of dying and leaving an orphan daughter.

“I am not the best mountaineer in the world, the only merit I can attribute to myself is humility and perseverance, I have been a survivor,” he says, acknowledging that there have also been shadows in his career. It was a relief to climb Everest on his seventh attempt in 2017, but his thorn is stuck from sucking on artificial oxygen, the only time he has used it. Perhaps an excuse to return.

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