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a documentary with an explosive trailer

“The Big Reset”, a new documentary film on the crisis of the past 18 months, is about to be released. The trailer was unveiled today in no less than five languages ​​(French, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese).

This citizen-funded documentary was produced in association with Elinvestigator.org – a non-profit cooperative project that disseminates independent research without conflicts of interest and without censorship.

The film opens with a statement by Barack Obama from 2014 “there will be a point in history when a respiratory virus can be fatal.” Next are statements from Bill Gates and Dr Fauci.

The directors collected testimonies from a large number of scientists and others who responded to health measures in multiple countries. We can therefore listen to Professor Perronne explain that “the Coronavirus pandemic is not so serious, we want to use it to take liberticidal measures, you must come into resistance.”

2 minutes 22 seconds in which many people give their point of view on the crisis, its management, the ins and outs: “to have good decisions, we need science and not dogma”. Jean-Dominique Michel recalls that it is “time to become human”.

This film should make headlines: its final release date has not yet been set, the team working to finalize the final details. Check out the trailer:

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