A drug that treats corona in 5 days … is taken orally

The giant pharmaceutical company “Merck” and an American laboratory announced, on Saturday, that progress has been made in developing an anti-Covid-19 drug to be taken orally, and the drug, which is still under trial, has shown positive effects in reducing the viral load.

Merck had stopped its work on developing two potential vaccines for Covid-19 at the end of January, but it is continuing its research on two other treatments for the disease, one of which is the drug “Molnopiravir”, which it is developing in partnership with “Ridgback Bio” of America.

During a meeting Saturday with specialists in infectious diseases, the drug’s developers indicated that the drug significantly reduced patients ’viral load after five days of treatment.

“There is a need for anti-SARS-CoV-2 treatments that has not been met. These preliminary results encourage us,” Ridgepack Bio chief drug officer Wendy Pinter said in a statement.

Merck is also working on a treatment called mk-711. The group said at the end of January that the first results of clinical trials showed a more than 50% reduction in the risk of death or respiratory failure in hospitalized patients with moderate to severe forms of Covid-19.


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