a family crossed by violent deaths

“We were drinking mate and some men appeared, we don’t know who they are, they took out weapons and fired from a car. They killed my granddaughter and injured my wife and my son. We don’t know why they did this. We don’t bother anyone.”

The one who pronounces those words is Juan Carlos and he does so in front of the house of Miter and 9 de Julio, which on Monday night was attacked with bullets with the unfortunate balance of a deceased babyidentified as Geraldine Mora Gómez, and two other seriously injured people (Julián S., 22, and Sandra C.). At least fourteen projectile impacts were recorded on the sheet metal front.

Juan Carlos gave this Tuesday morning his testimony to the program “First in the morning” of LT8. The man made a titanic effort to contain his anguish in the face of a family tragedy that had its first chapter a little over a year ago, when another of his children, an 18-year-old boy, was shot to death on his way back from a party and who Last night he hit him again.

Juan, grandfather of the murdered baby in VGG.mp4

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“I am speaking because I have a separate God. I couldn’t do anything for my granddaughter. My granddaughter was shot three times, one in the head. She was a nena who had just begun to live, a little angel who did not understand anything,” Juan Carlos released, and when asked about the health status of his injured relatives, he said: “The boy (for his son) is in serious condition and my wife is half critical. . Now I’m going to see them at the hospital and wait for the doctors’ report”.

The house where the girl was shot dead in VGG.jpg

The humble box of Miter and 9 de Julio in Villa G. Gálvez, where a girl died and two other people suffered serious injuries.

Photo: The Capital / Francisco Guillén.

The mention of the case of his murdered son last year was unavoidable for this man. “Recently they took the life of an 18-year-old son. He went to a dance and ten shots were fired at him. Nor did it know who he was. My son had no conflicts with anyone. The only routine he had was to go out on Friday nights and return to his house with his girlfriend. That night, we went to the casino and he asked me for the equipment because he had a birthday and after a while they called us saying that they had injured him, and when we arrived at the Clemente Alvarez Hospital, they gave me the news that my son had died.

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Juan Carlos described how his family. “We are 15 counting the boys, four adults and the rest minors. The youngest was the baby. We all work. I am a bricklayer and everyone knows that I am a good person. Everyone knows that I never had a quilombo with anyone and that I don’t mess with anyone. I don’t care what the neighbors do. I have my life.”

“I don’t know what to do. What am I going to wait for, that they kill another boy? I’m broke”, he affirmed and immediately asked himself again as if the gunmen who caused the disaster last night were in front of him: “Why bother people who have nothing to do with it? If they have to fight with other people, they should dedicate themselves to looking for people to fight with, not innocent people. I don’t understand what happened last night. They killed a baby who was just beginning to live,” he added.

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