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International Center / Reported by You Shuting

▲In addition to wearing a mask, hand hygiene is also very important. (Picture/Data Photo)

As the new crown pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic continues to spread, people pay more attention to their own epidemic prevention measures for fear of infection, and wear masks tightly when going out. When there was a Japanese program, a family was recruited to conduct an actual test, and the fluorescent agent simulated virus was applied to the father’s hands. Although he only had contact with two sons within two hours, the last seven members of the family except the grandmother were infected. fluorescent agent.

What’s the Difference? 》(この偣て和ですか?) They found a group of Japanese families to do a virus infection experiment. They applied a fluorescent agent to simulate a virus on Dad’s hand and let him move freely at home for two hours. Finally, they found a family of seven Except for the grandmother, everyone was stained with fluorescent agent, which means that they were all “infected” by their father.

But the strange thing is that the father only has direct contact with his two sons, so how did the other family members get the virus? It turned out that the father touched the doorknob at the beginning, and then the daughter touched it; the mother was holding her son and was touched by the son who was stained with father’s fluorescent agent, and the other daughter was playing with her son and was also stained. The fluorescent agent, although not in direct contact with Dad, was still indirectly exposed to the virus.

In the whole family, only the grandmother did not get the fluorescent agent. The difference is that the grandmother always cleans her hands. During the two-hour period, although the grandmother also had contact with other family members, she often washed her hands because she had to cook and do housework, so she also washed off the fluorescent agent. , It is also very important to “clean hands” at ordinary times.

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