A famous artist who won the title of Miss Egypt and married the most handsome artist and was beaten by Ahmed Zaki.. The surprise is how she looks today at the age of 81 years.. Watch

The artist, Laila Shaer, whose real name is Laila Ahmed Shaer, was born on June 18, 1940 in Cairo, of an Egyptian father, who studied art in Paris.

He worked as a sculptor and a French mother working as an opera singer. In 1964, Lily got the title of Miss Egypt. She began her artistic career as a fashion model, and then went to work in art. Her first movie was the Zizi family, starring Soad Hosni, Aqila Ratib, Ahmed Ramzy and Akram Ezzo.

Despite the beautiful beauty of the artist, Lily Shaer, she did not lead her name, Afish, in a movie, and she never won the absolute championship.

her movies

Zizi family

Cairo in the Nile


Mash arrives tomorrow


quail and autumn

get out of paradise

Egyptian horse

Underwater Hell

brat women

The famous day

the madness of life


teenage notes

Sadat’s days

Why do we dance series?

Poor but rich dreams

It was never love

The face of the moon

behind the mask

A man in the time of the world

Aunt Noor

Zaghloul sees cracks

A citizen with the rank of minister

her personal life

The artist, Lily Shaer, married twice in her life, the first time was from the artist Amr Al-Torgoman, who also enjoyed an unusual handsome, but he did not succeed in the field of acting and his artistic balance was only 4 films.

Shadia and many rumors were spread about Amr Al-Torgoman’s departure from Egypt because of a joke he made against Abdel Nasser, so he was imprisoned and left Egypt after the other saying that he was not accepted, so he decided to leave the artistic field and go to work in tourism

And he immigrated to France after Lily Shaer retired from art and worked in Paris as a model. She returned to Egypt after her divorce from the artist Amr Al-Torgoman without having children to continue her artistic career. Then she married a person from outside the artistic community called Raouf Abu Asba.

And she gave birth to her only daughter, and Lily talked about him in a television interview in her latest appearance in her 81st year, that her second husband was for her all her life and he did not refuse her a request and that after his departure she lost everything.

Lily Shaer in her 81st year

The last artistic appearance of the artist, Laila Shaer, was through the movie “We do not come to dance” in 2006, starring the artist Yousra, the artist Hala Sedky, the artist Ezzat Abu Auf and directed by Enas Al-Deghaidi.

Retiring from art completely, Lily talked about the most important scenes that she does not forget, which is the scene that hit her by the artist Ahmed Zaki in the movie The Escape, where she repeated the scene of hitting her with the pen 20 times.

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