A fan grabs Hatik’s cap during a concert: the rapper punches him (VIDEO)

As Hatik descended from the stage to join his audience, a fan decided to rip his cap off. Outraged, the artist immediately responded with violence as seen in the images below:

Questioned by our colleagues from Sudinfo, Raphaël delivers his version of the facts: “I grabbed his cap and I saw him turn aggressively towards me. I took two punches”, he says.

The 34-year-old man explains that he was then taken away by the members of the security where he was still manhandled: “You wanted to attack Hatik, I was told. You are lucky not to have him hurts,” he added.

Followed for cancer of the spinal cord, Raphaël had to be transported to the hospital: “I still have pain in the gums, in the leg, in the head and in the arm. My parents took me to the hospital to see if my cath port hadn’t moved,” he said.

A complaint has been filed but, for the time being, no suspect has been identified.

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