a fatal accident impacts the shooting

BEIJING EXPRESS 2021. The filming of season 14 of Beijing Express experienced many ups and downs, including the interruption of filming following a road accident which turned out to be fatal.

[Mis à jour le 23 février 2021 à 20h50] The filming of this new season of Beijing Express was not easy for the production teams. The coronavirus first forced the crews to stop filming and redesign the course, which now runs from Uganda to Greece and Turkey. But above all, a road accident resulted in the death of a motorist and the forfeiture of one of the Beijing Express 2021 teams. “We will show it from a distance, because you have to keep a little ‘modesty'”, reveals Stéphane Rotenberg in an interview with Franceinfo, before explaining that this accident was “a shock for everyone”.

In September 2020, while the Beijing Express crews were touring Turkey, an 82-year-old motorist lost control of his car and crashed into two vehicles in front. One of them had on board a team of candidates from the M6 ​​show, a cameraman and a Turkish driver. If the latter escaped unscathed, this is not the case for the octogenarian motorist who died of his injuries. The Beijing Express participants and the cameraman were slightly injured. However, their injuries forced them to forfeit and leave the game on medical decision, days before the semi-final was filmed. According to the police report, the responsibility of the Beijing Express teams, whether those of the candidates, of the production or of the technical teams, was not engaged in this dramatic accident.

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The 2021 edition of Beijing Express will offer to discover eight pairs. Unlike the 2020 edition, the candidates are not known to viewers. Some are in a relationship, others are part of the same family, and a duo have never met before the adventure game. Below, we summarize all the pairs of Beijing Express 2021. You can find their portraits by clicking here.

  • Cinzia and Rose-Marie, two friends
  • Arnaud and Pierre-Louis, two brothers
  • Nour and Kaoutar, mother and daughter
  • Noël and Florent, two colleagues and friends
  • Loïc and Sabine, the duo of strangers
  • Jonathan and Aurore, married couple
  • Jenny and Crisoula, aunt and niece
  • Christophe and Claire, father and daughter

We do not yet know the winners of Beijing Express 2021. The previous edition, Beijing Express All Stars, saw the victory of the Corsican couple Julie and Denis, finalists of the 2013 season. During this final broadcast on April 7, 2020, they faced the Lille sisters Pauline and Aurélie, finalists of season 3.

Beijing Express airs Tuesday evening from 9:05 p.m. It is M6 which broadcasts this adventure game since its creation. But if you missed an episode, it is still possible to catch it in replay. The day after its broadcast, the sixth channel puts it online for eight days on its streaming and replay platform. 6play.

Beijing Express – On the TV program on M6 from February 23, 2021

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