A fence against the disease

These three wild boars in Brandenburg have it good: They are
Image: dpa

A fence is now rising again between Germany and Poland. Wire mesh is said to prevent wild boars from carrying African swine fever to the west in several places. A vaccine would be even better, but why isn’t it?

Et was only a matter of time before the epidemic spread to us, ”says Konrad von Posern. As a hunter in Saxony, he watches what is happening with great concern. Infected animals came closer and closer to the border from the east, but a protective fence was not allowed to be built until the first carcass was found on German soil. That was in September a year ago, now in late summer the bulwark was completed: along the Oder-Neisse border, over 460 kilometers from Usedom to Lusatia, wire mesh now rises up between Germany and Poland. That is supposed to stop what actually can no longer be stopped.

Currently this lists Friedrich Loeffler Institute, the Federal Research Institute for Animal Health on the Baltic Sea island of Riems, a total of 2345 wild boars that contracted African swine fever in Brandenburg and Saxony, or ASF for short, which is caused by asfiviruses. In the Saxon part of the Lausitz, a few kilometers south of Bautzen, the devastating animal epidemic is also coming dangerously close to the 540 hectare hunting grounds of the forest owner Konrad von Posern. Doesn’t the approximately one meter high protective fence on the Polish border keep what was expected from it? Farmers and hunters have doubts.


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