A festival to enjoy in pajamas

From the armchair or on the sofa at home. No queues and at least a meter and a half away from the passenger. This is how you can see the concerts of the North Pajama Fest, a streaming music festival that takes place from Thursday to Saturday with alternative groups from northern Spain, especially the Basque Country.

“There are many little-known artist groups that are simply sublime. What better than to take advantage of this time to discover them », Organizer Michelle Saint-Aubyn says about this home leisure plan, which is part of the large number of proposals designed these days to make the confinement more bearable. The first batch of performances features the people of Donostia Indian fathers and the singer-songwriter from Bilbao Lorelei Green. “The good thing about these live shows is that we can read the comments and respond instantly,” Green announces about the special connection with the public, in this case, from a distance.

To see the performances, just click on the linked accounts. Like every festival, it has its own poster and there are established schedules. From the organization they also recognize that they have had to face different logistical issues that have caused bands such as the Mungia quintet, TOC, to have fallen off the cartel. “There were groups that had the instruments in the rehearsal room and since they couldn’t get together it was very difficult for them to prepare the live show, I was even canceled by a gang because I was on the coronavirus protocol».

The concerts on March 27 and Saturday 28 start at 7:00 p.m. and will last until 9:30 p.m. Each performance lasts half an hour. The person in charge of officiating the closing on Saturday is the Dejay from Burgos, Yahaira, a regular on the scene in Vitoria. If there is something the network has, it is that the borders are blurred. «My initial idea was that they were all exclusively from the Basque Country, but word spread, artistic proposals began to come to me and I simply couldn’t say no, as is the case with Sons of Med a Catalan group that has undoubtedly been a discovery for me », Saint-Aubyn says. This band was scheduled to play in Bilbao last week. It is one of the many plans overturned by the state of alarm that finally take place in front of the screen.

“Worrying numbers”

In addition, the festival is organized in collaboration with Me Quedo En Casa Fest, created by the organization Music Women México. “Our main intention was to make an exchange of musical culture and reach more audiences”. What is clear is that the running of the bulls has not ended creativity. “A lot of art and very creative ideas are emerging, such as podcasts by very interesting music groups and journalists, video clips in full confinement, wherever I look people are creating, and I like that,” says Saint-Aubyn.

The panorama does not invite optimism. “It is no longer just the cancellations of concerts, tours and festivals, something that already means many losses for all companies in the world of music, as well as for artists,” he says, referring to the music industry data on consumption. in streaming. These collect a fall of 8%, just last week. “The numbers are troubling and I think it will be difficult to recover from this”he comments. As the singer says Lorelei Green, the objective of these initiatives is clear. “Those of us who dedicate ourselves to music cannot heal bodies, but we can help time to pass faster, connect with whoever wants to listen and bring a little light to their homes.”


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