A first division footballer was sentenced to 11 years in prison for a “pack rape”

Walter Perezdefender of Huracán, was sentenced to 11 years in prison and was detained after the trial that was held for a gang rape of a young womancommitted in December 2019 in the Cordoba city of Villa Carlos Paz, judicial sources reported.

The decision of the 11th Crime Chamber fell on the footballer for the crime of “sexual abuse with carnal access”, to the detriment of a young woman who was 18 years old at the time of the event. Judicial sources reported that the Court ordered the immediate arrest of the “Globo” defender, who had played the last game of the Professional Soccer League on October 23 against Patronato, and He was already housed in the Bouwer jaillocated about 17 kilometers from the city of Córdoba.

“The family is very satisfied, what they have done is brutality,” lawyer Benjamín Sonzino Astudillo, the victim’s representative, told the agency Télam. In the ruling that was made known, in addition to Pérez (24 years old), four other youths were sentenced to 9 years jail time, while another defendant had already acknowledged his involvement in the abuse and agreed to a shortened trial.

Walter Pérez, in action against Julián Álvarez, in a match between Huracán and RiverRodrigo Valle – Getty Images South America

The “burning” player he had been in prison for eight months and in September 2020 he was released, since the Córdoba Prosecution Chamber revoked his preventive detention for lack of merit. In this way, Pérez was released at the trial, held behind closed doors, because it was an issue against sexual integrity, and after the sentence he returned to jail.

The defender of the Parque Patricios club had been arrested at the time by order of the investigating prosecutor, Ricardo Mazzuchi, on December 22, 2019, when they were ordered to remand, a measure later confirmed by the Control court.

Together with nine friends, Pérez had rented a fifth house in Carlos Paz and days before they invited four girls that they had met during that vacation. One of them denounced that she was the victim of a group rapefiled her complaint at a city police station and was examined at a local hospital, where the doctors found injuries compatible with the narrated event.

Walter Pérez had already been detained for a few months during the investigation stage of the trial;  then he was released and now he must go back to jail
Walter Pérez had already been detained for a few months during the investigation stage of the trial; then he was released and now he must go back to jailRodrigo Valle – Getty Images South America

Pérez and Víctor Daniel Bellido (26) received the main sentences as perpetrators of “sexual abuse with carnal access qualified by the number of people”, while the other four defendants were involved as co-perpetrators, in this case for having consented to the rape in a group and committed other abuses. Bellido was sentenced to nine years in prison, as were his brothers Pablo Nataniel Bellido and Elías David Bellido (both 30), and Víctor Vera Benítez (32). Lucas Nahuel Taverna (29), who previously recognized his responsibility and accepted an abbreviated trial, received eight years in prison.

The court made up of Horacio Carranza (president), Susana Frascaroli and Gabriela Rojas Moresi determined the sentences they handed down on Friday afternoon, with unanimous sentences for the defendants.

Before being the protagonist of this incident of sexual abuse and being detained for ten months, Huracán had received offers of up to one and a half million euros for Pérez’s pass.


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