A first group of British tourists welcomed in Agadir

A first group of British tourists arrived on Saturday at Agadir-Al Massira airport from Manchester as part of the Kingdom’s efforts to gradually relaunch national tourism.

Thus, after several months of closing national borders, following the spread of Covid-19 at the global level, this group of tourists arriving on board a plane of the low-cost company Ryanair was greeted, with great fanfare, by airport officials and tourism professionals.

On this occasion, the director of Agadir Al Massira airport, Mohamed Bahaj expressed his immense joy to welcome the first flight of the company Ryanair, specifying that this event is of great importance and brings great hopes to the professionals of the tourism.

Since the resumption of its activities, the airport has put in place a remarkable preventive system, able to ensure a healthy and reassuring reception and a “healthy” journey to travelers, reassured the manager, letting it be known that the airport infrastructure is connected to 5 European cities, at a rate of 13 weekly frequencies and to 5 Moroccan cities at a rate of 24 weekly flights.

“Currently the airport is served within the framework of special flights in force by the companies of RAM, Air Arabia, transavia, and Ryanair which provides from today a connection with the city of Charleroi”, pointed out Mr Bahaj.

For her part, the director of the Regional Tourism Council (CRT) of Agadir Souss-Massa Asmaa Oubou welcomed these first guests who chose the Capital of Souss for their tourist stay, specifying that it is about ‘a huge step forward in the process of gradually relaunching the sector in the Kingdom.

The tourist manager specified in this context that “the simplified health system with the elimination of the serological test and the extension of the validity period of the PCR test to 3 days instead of 2, previously, has encouraged tourists to visit the Kingdom and contribute to the promotion of the sector ”.

Tourist operators, both Moroccan and foreign, previously complained of very strict health and organizational measures which scared off potential foreign visitors, recalled Ms. Oubou, welcoming at the same time the decision of the public authorities to open the beaches, a major asset, of the city which attracts many tourists interested in water sports.

In Morocco, many hotels are waiting for their first international customers after a number of foreign airlines announced the resumption of their flights, suspended since last March.

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