A focus of infection at the Monastier-sur-Gazeille nursing home

Following two first positive cases confirmed on September 9, the establishment organized, in conjunction with the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Health Agency, an expanded screening campaign among all users and employees. Samples taken from all patients / residents / employees revealed other positive cases confirming the presence of an infectious outbreak of Covid-19 within the establishment. No positive case has emerged among residents of the nursing home. It is important to note that the majority of so-called “positive” people are asymptomatic.

A strengthening of the barrier measures already implemented was initiated on the 9th
September. These new measures are in addition to the compulsory wearing of a mask throughout the establishment and the use of hydroalcoholic solutions widely available throughout the building. This concerns the distribution of meals in the room and the limitation of visits (one visit by one person per day and per patient from Monday to Friday).

These measures were the subject of support for residents and information for visitors. In addition, the mobile hygiene team installed at the Émile-Roux Hospital Center, in partnership with the establishment’s hygienist nurse, also came to the premises to support staff in the implementation of all these measures. . Families are regularly informed of the measures taken and the results of the testing campaign.

As a reminder, L’Hort des Melleyrines is an establishment with 60 places in the after-care and rehabilitation service and 20 places in EHPAD. The people received present one or more pathologies, sometimes associated with a strong dependence, which make these people vulnerable to Covid-19.


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