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a former minister released, an angry minister

The release of former minister Willy Bakonga, even though sentenced to three years in prison for “money laundering”, provoked the ire of Rose Mutombo Kiese, the Congolese Minister of Justice.


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Rose Mutombo Kiese is angry. And the Justice Ministry did not hesitate to let the public prosecutor at the Court of Cassation know, with whom she sharply criticized the release of Willy Bakonga, seven months after his detention.

The former Minister of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education, who was sentenced last April to three years in prison for money laundering and transfers of funds abroad, has been released from the central prison of Makala on November 25, at the request of the prosecutor at the Kinshasa-Gombe Court of Appeal.

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Except that for the minister, Bakonga could not come under the conditions of the collective pardon pronounced by Félix Tshisekedi on July 28. He must therefore return to the prison space as quickly as possible. “The people convicted by the Court of Cassation must be brought back in the state they were in, before his letter, to the central prison of Makala”, she orders.

While some are calling for sanctions against the offending magistrate, the letter from the Minister of Justice has, at the time of writing, had no effect.

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