A Fortnite competition to introduce the youngest to the Loire châteaux

The region Loire Valley Center, in partnership with the web TV Solary, is launching a competition combining video games and patrimony. The “Center Val de Loire Fornite Tour” will take place from December 4 to January 15, reports The New Republic.

Five emblematic castles of the territory will be reproduced in the creative mode of Fortnite. The famous online game of Battle Royale has more than 250 million followers around the world. The event is completely free and accessible to all.

Many gifts to win

The objective for the participants will be to make speed courses in the middle of the replicas of historical decorations. The first round will take place virtually in the Château de Chambord and the final will take place in the Château du Clos Lucé.

The players will also be able to discover the castle of Valletta, the royal castle of Amboise and the area of ​​Chaumont-sur-Loire during the different games. The winners will be able to win a hot-air balloon flight, gaming equipment or places to visit the monuments, in real life this time.

Virtual tours and unusual anecdotes

The Goodnite site, the YouTuber Notabene and the WSC group will also be part of the operation. Notabene will also be offering a weekly virtual tour featuring historical anecdotes on Solary’s Twitch channel.

With this initiative qualified as “World premiere” through the regional digital adviser, the Center Val de Loire region hopes to make people talk about it. “Heritage and culture sometimes have difficulty reaching young audiences. The Fortnite game is a good alternative ”, assures Théo Cellé, of WSC Group, quoted by our colleagues.


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