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The Congolese authorities who are organizing a webinar on the subject, on Thursday July 29 in Brazzaville, with the participation of experts.

The cybercriminals more and more ransomwares (malware, viruses) to take control of industrial plants and companies. The threat is taken seriously by the Congolese authorities who are organizing a webinar on the subject on Thursday, July 29 in Brazzaville, with the participation of experts. No organization, industrial chain or public institution is immune to attacks from endpoint, email, web and network. Ransomware is the number one threat to business environments, according to experts. Cybercriminals spend days, if not weeks, in a target environment before executing a ransomware attack. The attack consists of using a virus that will encrypt the user’s files against their will and then demand payment of a ransom against the encryption key used by the ransomware. This criminal activity has particularly developed in recent years because it represents a lucrative practice for delinquents. Specialists register different families of ransomware such as Teslacrypt and other Lockys with different characteristics and sometimes use different encryption tools. According to a report by cybersecurity researchers at Trend micro, the motive for ransomware attacks is simple: to make money. These represent both a worrying and rapidly evolving threat to industrial control system terminals around the world. Utilities such as water and electricity are in the crosshairs of hackers because of their critical place in society. The aim of the conference, which will see the participation of the Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy, Léon Juste Ibombo, is to raise public awareness of the scale of the threat and how to counter these attacks with new defense techniques including prevention with effective detection, analysis and response. Two experts will co-host the webinar, Abderezak Ouaret, business development manager Broadeam, and Housna Hamadet, country manager north and west Africa of the same group. It should be noted that this conference precedes the first Brazza Cybersecurity forum that the capital city will host from September 16 to 17.

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